Dr Anders Johansson
Senior Lecturer in Systems Engineering, Systems Centre, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Bristol
Programme Director MRes in Systems
Academic Director PhD in Systems
Honorary Senior Research Associate, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), University College London (UCL)
CTO, Crowd Vision Ltd

Email: a.johansson AT bristol.ac.uk -- Twitter: @afjohansson

I research and develop mathematical models and real-time sensing and analytics tools to study the interaction of crowds, infrastructure and technology. If you want to learn more about the work that I and my colleagues do, then have a look at [Research] and [Publications]. If you want to learn more about how my work is applied to solve pressing real-world problems, then click here [Crowd Vision] and [PTV Viswalk]; and if you want more of a popular-science account of my work, then have a look at [Press].

New paper

Masucci A. P., Serras, J., Johansson, A., Batty, M. (2013) Gravity vs radiation model: on the importance of scale and heterogeneity in commuting flows, Physical Review E 88(2), 022812



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